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Center for Vision Restoration

New effective therapy to restore eyesight


Centre for Vision Restoration in Berlin was founded to serve one purpose – to improve the vision of our patients. Our treatments help vision impaired patients with visual disorders that affect their ability to see the world around them. Our support and treatment of impaired vision patients have shown that many patients that suffered from an optic nerve lesion (optic neuropathy) had mostly resigned themselves to living with this serious problem.

Part of the problem with dealing with this specific issue is that ophthalmologists do not deal with optical nerve disorders, and a neurologists (specialists in nervous system diseases) do not deal with vision deterioration.

Since 1995 we have been not only developing methods for vision recovery, but also treating patients with optic nerve atrophy and those patients with abnormal retina and vision impairment attributed to brain disorders.

Therapeutic Stimulation Is a New Approach in Restorative Medicine

At our Centre for Vision Restoration we use  therapeutic electrical stimulation which involves an interdisciplinary approach, combining neuro-ophthalmology, neurophysiology, and neurology. This strategy is a breakthrough in vision recovery treatment via development of a method of therapeutic electrical stimulation, which effectively achieves remarkable results within different types and stages of visual function impairments.

During the past 20 years we have applied our methods for vision restoration of a considerable number of patients and have gained invaluable experience in determining which patients will respond to our therapeutic electric stimulation method and under what circumstances.

Long-term clinical experience combined with the knowledge that we gained is applied to each individual case. Treatments are customised to a patient’s need using an optimal course of electric stimulation, to achieve the best results. This is one of the reasons that 60% of our patients see improvement in their vision after a single course of treatment.

Dr. Anton Fedorov Neurologist Berlin Center for Vision RestorationDr. Anton Fedorov

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Dr. Julia Chibisova Neurologist Berlin Center for Vision RestorationDr. Julia Chibisova

Therapy With Electrical Current Can Play A Key Role
In Regaining Your Sight

Vision impairment is very serious, affecting many areas of your everyday life conditions. Recovery can be difficult and challenging, requiring dedication, persistence and the ability to adhere to the prescribed treatment. In the end, the journey is well worth it.

Once vision restoration treatment starts many of our patients have an initial positive response with the first round of visual function changes. After following the prescribed treatment plan, they find that there is  real vision improvement leading to an increased quality of life. We use a combination of different therapeutic approaches to achieve results and treatments are tailored to each individual’s needs. If you entrust your treatment to us, a Personalized Care Plan will be created for you, and following this plan can significantly increase your chances of vision restoration.

Conducted in Germany 2010-2012 first large-scale multi-centre clinical trial in the field of therapeutic non-invasive alternating current stimulation has shown that  vision can be partially restored within two weeks with stabile follow up results. Based on that and taking into account our previous clinical experience now we offer in Berlin (Germany) restore vision approach for visually impaired patients.

Results of partial vision restoration induced by therapeutic electrical stimulation leads to improved quality of life

For example, one of our patients, a 67 year old male, who suffered from bilateral non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy lost his ability to read and became blind. Traditional intravenous steroid therapy did not help him to overcome his blindness.

Dr. Fedorov suggested a course of  therapeutic electrical stimulation and after 2 months an at-home vision test showed that new pathways opened and his vision began to improve. His yearly follow-up revealed that his daily life became easier to manage and he gained the ability to read letters with both eyes, which he was unable to do before the vision restoration treatments.

Before Restore Vision Treatment

Before (red colored areas with residual vision)

Results of visual field tests, showing an improvement induced by therapeutic electrical stimulation

After 1 year of Restore Vision Treatment

After 1 Year (white and yellow are seeing areas)

„ – I would definitely think to get a new round of therapy because this treatment has made my Life much easier“ – said Peter Rechter, musician from Australia.

I was born in Shandong, China, in 1993. My mother found me always falling in darkness because I could not see the barriers. She took me to see doctors in Peking, and at four years of age, I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. During the past twenty years, my vision field was decreasing in medium speed (compared to other RP patients). From 1997 to 2012 I received traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture – each course lasted about six weeks in the hospital. Unfortunately, there was no significant effect, and my condition even continued to worsen. I got electroacupuncture in Shanghai for two years from 2013.

Miss C.Z. Restore vision patient

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What Are The Advantages that We And Our Centre Offer?


More than 20 years of experience

Ours is a proprietary therapeutic electrical stimulation and we have practiced the treatment of visual impairments for more than 20 years


Our goal is to achieve the best possible results

Based on our deep comprehension of the method vision restoration and continuous contact with our patients, we strive to attain exceptional results


Treatments are tailored to individual needs

The electric stimulation is performed by us, neurologists, so that each treatment session will be additionally optimized based on monitored brain responses


Personalised Care Plan

We offer a Personalized Care Plan with specified attainable objectives, to provide each patient with the care that they require to achieve treatment goals


Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

Our Centre was established to improve and maximize eyesight and quality of life of our vision impaired patients through our dedication, knowledge and expertise.