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Dr. Anton Fedorov

Dr. Anton Fedorov

"Dr. Anton Fedorov Neurologist Berlin Center for Vision Restoration"


In 1993 Anton Fedorov,  graduated with distinction from the Saint-Petersburg Medical University in Russia. From 1993 to 2004, he worked as a neurologist and researcher at the Human Brain Institute in Saint Petersburg, where he used the method of non-invasive therapeutical electrical stimulations on patients with vision disorders in his clinical practice. With his direct participation the treatment of more than 5,000 patients was performed and the main results of stimulations were published. This period of work and study led to the development of patented new methods of electrical stimulations.

From 1999 to 2003 he wrote and defended a thesis in neurology titled. “Restore Vision at Focal and Diffuse Brain Impairment“. As a practical neurologist, from 2004 to 2008, he worked in different neurological clinics in Saint Petersburg and then in the State Neurosurgery Institute in Saint Petersburg. His stored knowledge and professional interest in the field of  restorative medicine led him to move his activities to this particular field –  creating a company for development of medical devices for electrical stimulation.

In June of 2006 a team headed by Dr. Anton Fedorov, developed an industrial device for application therapeutical electrical stimulations based on computed electrostimulator with EEG-feedback. The long-term clinical experience gained by using this technology allowed him in February 2007 to patent a new approach to restoring disturbed brain functions, first of all in visually impaired patients, allowing for assessment of a new avenue of treatment that helps patients gain new advantages that overcome existing ophthalmological and neurological deficits.

In 2007 Anton Fedorov founded the company „EBS Technologies“ in Berlin, Germany, where he worked as Medical Director from 2008 till February 2013. The first CE approved medical system approved in Europe .“New Wave“  focused on  therapeutic non-invasive brain stimulation which was developed with his prominent input. The double blind randomized placebo controlled clinical trials conducted in Germany, confirmed and validated how this approach significantly improves sight for patients with vision deterioration.

After being a neurologist in one of the German neurological clinics from 2013 to 2015 he then opened his own center in Berlin, in April 2015. The center offers vision impaired patients  personalised medical care through his extensive  knowledge, expertise and his dedication to this field of medicine

List of publications and patents will be found here.


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