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Dr. Julia Chibisova

Dr. Julia Chibisova

Dr. Julia Chibisova Neurologist Berlin Center for Vision Restoration

In 1994, Julia Chibisova,  graduated from Saint Petersburg Medical University in Russia. Since that time she worked as neurologist in the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Medical Genetics of Mechnikov State Medical Academy in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. During the same time she continued  her clinical work and she was teacher on the staff lecturing on Neurology and Medical Genetics.

From 2002 till 2005 she performed her thesis dedicated to the development of new methods for the rehabilitation of patients who suffered a stroke using a method of non-invasive brain stimulation. In 2005 her thesis was defended with great success.Results of her work gave significant impetus to the understanding of the mechanisms of the impulse current effect on the brain and allowed for the development of a new method of restoration of cerebral functions disorders, such as stroke sequellae as movement disorders (hemiparesis), speech disorders (aphasia) as well as mnestic (memory decrease) and depressive conditions.

These clinical findings were implemented and patented in 2007, as a new medical approach, dedicated to the restoration of disturbed brain functions for patients suffered after ischemic stroke.

In February 2012, Dr. Julia Chibisova started working in Germany as a neurologist in the neurological hospitals. After the opening in 2015 of the center of vision restoration in Berlin she moved her work to the center.

List of publications and patents will be found here.


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