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Functional Training To Improve Eyesight

Innovative software, we have developed, improves visual skills by enhancing the sensitivity of peripheral and central vision and optimal object localization, as well as increasing awareness of space and depth perception.

Program trains visually impaired patients to make better use of the affected or severely damaged visual field and making them more sensitive which results in improved visual function. Trained eye-hand coordination plays a crucial role in enhancing a your vision.

With prolonged practice you can experience improved detection and touching visual stimuli which results in a greater sensitivity increasing the your independence and your ability to successfully complete everyday tasks. Task-relevant stimuli provides a higher-acuity of visual information concerning the position and shape of target objects, enhancing the precision of the following hand movement.

Training allows your eyes to function with accuracy


The flexible parameters of Software can be customized to an individual patient and their specific training modalities to ensure the best possible outcome.


Training adapts to the needs of the your eyesight, increasing your confidence

Before the training


After 3 weeks


The colors used in the VF images, such as the color white, which denotes the area of normal and functional vision,  yellow which highlights delayed visual response in preserved areas, red which shows the residual vision and significantly limited eyesight and the color black showing blind areas of totally non-functional zones. It gives information that can be used to understand possible potential where vision can be partially restored and in which direction the training should go.

Improving your eye-hand coordination through training, enhances day-to-day vision

To successfully complete appropriate motor actions, you must be able to efficiently process visual information. When we process visual information we gain the information that we need before we interact with an object. This is vital when performing daily tasks such as cooking, walking, playing sports or driving.Improved visual skills will allow a patient to process the relevant information around us.


The performance report is designed to provide you with a chart that shows the relevant information required to judge your overall performance in a single glance. The chart uses a percentile ranking that clearly illustrates your strengths and highlights areas of that offer an opportunity for improvement.

The report uses the following parameters to create an effective improvement plan, the total number of touch confirmed dots, the number of attempts, your accuracy, the distance to target and response time.

Touched dots
Touch dots

Attempts number

Accuracy of touch

Distance to target

Response time
Responce time

Example of VF enlargement, developed during 2 weeks

The implementation of  training software combined with therapeutic electrical stimulation leads to an even more power approach that not only helps you to regain eyesight, but gives you the opportunity to improve your ability to complete everyday tasks. VF charts (A-F) represent functional compensation of revealed hemianopia, which was treated during two weeks.


VF Test 2


VF Test 2


VF Test 3


VF Test 2


VF Test 2

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