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Become a patient

Become a patient in Center for Vision Restoration


Patient doctor small How your case will be reviewed – we ask that you first complete our questionnaire that is used to evaluate your case and make sure that there are no potential contraindications. If contraindications are absent, we will send you a request to provide copies of your medical documentation with the following information:



The decision to recommend that you receive the treatment in Center for Vision Restoration by therapeutic electrical stimulations will be based of the results from such medical documentation. Upon examination of these materials we will provide you with the recommendation to receive treatment as soon as possible if your disease (medical condition) requires this.


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Our Treatments in Center for Vision Restoration

The course of therapeutic electrical stimulations includes several stages:

1. Before treatment commences there will be a comprehensive discussion with the patient and the following types of examinations performed:

2. According to examination results and assessment of a patient’s condition and diagnosis, the plan of treatment with possible results of stimulations that can be achieved, will be discussed.

3. Electrical stimulations are performed from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks. In some cases treatment can be performed on the weekends.

4. Duration of a treatment session is 60-90 minutes.

5. Every treatment session includes:

6. Number of electrical stimulations sessions may be changed. This decision is made with the patient’s agreement.

7. Sometimes additional examinations can be recommended which are not listed. These will be discussed with the patient based on necessity and the additional expense.

8. After completion of the stimulation course, the patient will again be thoroughly examined and the treatment results will be discussed.

9. A comprehensive Findings Report which includes a copy of the results of ophthalmological examination is provided to the patient

10. A Personalized Care Plan is developed to suit the patient’s specific needs. This includes the plan for further possible strategies what could or should be done at home and other recommendations on care, to avoid overworking and stressing the eyes.

11. Treatment results will be assessed after 8-10 weeks again

12. Any results outside obtained  should be provided to our Center for Vision Restoration  for their assessment.

13. Repeated course of therapeutic electrical stimulations can be performed, if patient could benefit from it.



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