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I am 36 years old from Atlanta (United States). The first signs of my loss of vision was in April 2015 when things began to look foggy. I asked my daughters was it foggy outside, they said no and I thought they were joking. Next, I noticed that I wasn’t able to see a median in the rode and ran over it. The last thing to happen was that I no longer could see my face in the mirror. After visiting with an optometrist, he suggested that I see a neurologist. Dr. Cohen neurologist ordered an MRI. Brain imaging results showing that I had a Brain Tumor in my left frontal lobe that he described as unique and different from other Brain Tumors that he’d seen before.

Mrs. Jenita Holbrook from Atlanta (USA). She lost her vision close to the summer  2015

 “With Dr. Fedorov and Dr. Chibisova expertise and individualized care, my quality of life has improved drastically. Without the support of my loved ones and this amazing invention, I don’t know where I would be today.“

I was diagnosed with a Grade III Astrocytoma which caused optic nerve damage. Although the tumor was removed, my vision remained the same. List of my complaints at that point were: absence of central vision, increased sensitivity to light, dark and dimm sight with severe limited contrast, significant lost of peripheral vision. These complaints dramatically changed my life – it made me unable to independently walk anywhere on my own, to see entrances to buildings, unable to see to read. And even simple tasks like identifying clothing, items on counter, floor, etc.. I was unable to cook. Bumping my head and body parts due to inability to see objects in front or on side of me was „normal“ at this time point.

"Jenita Holbrook patient Center for Vision Restoration Berlin Germany "

Jenita Holbrook

Several months thereafter, my friend found Center for Vision Restoration in Berlin (Germany). At first Dr. Fedorov was skeptical of me being a candidate for his treatment. I prayed that GOD give me the words to share with the Doctor to receive an invitation for treatment. Upon request from Dr. Fedorov (Head and Neurologist of Center for Vision Restoration) my Neurosurgeon Dr. Bart MacDonald provided a letter to verify that I had no contraindications and supported me pursuing Vision Restoration treatment. My first visit to Dr. Fedorov was in January of 2016. After my 8th or 9th treatment, I was able to see food on my plate, which was the first sign of progress. I had minimal progress from the visual field tests at that time. Upon returning to the States, my friend stated that I could focus on her better. At this point, all of my complaints remained the same, except I could see food on my plate. Over the course of 4 months, I began noticing things in the home that were there all along.

 Seeing an improvement of my sight and absence of side effects (repeated MRI scans did not reveal abnormal growth of tumor) I decided to come to Germany again for the second round of therapy. During the treatment in May 2016, I noticed that my visual field was expanding, my color vision was improving and depth perception was changing. I gained more clarity and contrast. Along with those positive improvements, the best one was that my central vision was beginning to open up by allowing me to see faint shadows. The brightness in my eyes increased drastically. These 10 sessions of treatment were the most successful compared to previous treatments. The functionality test was added which I feel had a significant impact on my overall progression. During this 10 day session, Dr. Fedorov suggested that I use the vision that I have to force my optic nerves to continue to connect or send signal to my brain which helped over the next 6 months after treatment.

During these 6 months is where I’ve had the most improvement thus far.I noticed that I was able to see colors. I also began to use my cell phone again because I was able to read words, draw and see more clarity on television and electronic devices. I was able to work out at a fitness center independently, walk independently, ride my bicycle, read labels on food and grocery’s. My visual field expanded and I was able to see the road more clearly, even notice types of vehicles and color of car’s as they passed by.

The treatment in Germany gave me back the ability to travel within the United States alone via airplane and train and I did numerous times.  I’ve gained substantial independence during these 6 months, which brings me to one of the bravest things I’ve ever done, which was traveling to Germany alone for my third and most recent set of treatments.

This time I was allotted 15 treatments. This trip was the most successful because I was able to not only travel to Berlin alone but also successfully get to and from the Doctors office and hotel safely. During the treatment, my results showed that my visual field has expanded and that I have central vision in my right eye according to my visual field test.Each day I gained overall better vision in all areas such as: expansion of visual field, visual color, brightness, depth perception, contrast, clarity and ability to see faces in person and on multimedia devices. I noticed that each day I completed the functionality test, my vision improved before stimulation. The functionality test helped me focus, which I noticed improved my vision. This was the most liberating trip that I’ve ever taken in my life. I thank GOD for having the opportunity to have been a part of this wonderful invention created by Dr. Fedorov and his colleagues.

Since the last trip, I am not only doing things independently, I’m doing them faster and I’m noticing objects at a distance faster, walking faster and I’m able to use my cell phone faster and actively participating in normal activity with family and friends. Even my vision was not fully restored and part of my complaints still there, this treatment helped me manage my life almost in depend. With Dr. Fedorov and Dr. Julia’s expertise and individualized care, my quality of life has improved drastically. Without the support of my loved ones and this amazing invention, I don’t know where I would be today.

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