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I am a boxer and have my dream back

I’m Charlie Foster 19 years old and live in Chester (England, UK). I am writing this a year to the day I lost sight in my left eye, 17th Feb 2016. I am a boxer and whilst preparing for a competition I was sparring and took a blow to my left eye, no pain, no swelling or bruising just instant darkness. I attended numerous hospitals, had many tests but nobody could help, my dreams of boxing as a professional were gone. It affected my work initially as I am a plumber, but my main problem was that I could no longer box, I have trained since I was 9 years old 4/5 times a week and to know this was no longer an option was really tough.

Mr. Charlie Foster from Chester (England), who suffered from traumatic vision loss in February 2016

 “I feel so grateful and so happy that my sight is 100% I am back boxing and I feel fantastic“

My mum was really bothered that I was told that basically I would just need to get on with it and get used to life with only one eye, so she set about looking on the internet for any help there may be for vision loss, she came across Centre for Vision Restoration in Berlin (Germany), she read all of website then decided to contact Dr. Anton Fedorov. We sent all my test results from here in UK including MRI, blood tests, field tests and after a weeks wait for Dr. Anton Fedorov to go through my results, I got invited to attend for therapy. As soon as we got invited my mum was adamant she would get me there for this treatment.

Charlie Foster boxer Chester England traumatic vision loss Center for Vision Restoration Berlin Germany 2 I started my treatment on 8th Dec 2016, doctors of the Center for Vision Restoration met us and we felt immediately at ease, everything was explained tests were done and 1st of 10 electrical stimulation therapies were completed, with no pain what so ever, after 1st treatment I found that things seemed slightly lighter in my left eye, only way to describe it was looking at my mobile phone I couldn’t see a picture but could see the screen was lighter.

The 2nd treatment and 3rd were very similar to each other yet I was starting to see images and they were not black, it was actual colour, the 4th treatment was the day that my sight practically 100% came back it was unbelievable my mum cried as did my dad when she rang him back at home in U.K. The 10 sessions complete, with the brain training that goes with it and I feel like my old self again, I owe everything to Dr. Anton Fedorov and Dr. Julia Chibisova, I have my dream back.

The experience of coming to Berlin and getting this treatment is hard to put in to words, losing sight is bad for anyone but at 18 it was awful, it did not just affect me it affected my parents and my brother and sisters also watching me go through it, I feel so grateful and so happy that I was able to go and wish more people knew about this clinic as many don’t , I am still in contact with Dr. Anton Fedorov by email and being monitored here UK to make sure everything stays stable but today my sight is still 100% I am back boxing and I feel fantastic!

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Mr. Charlie Foster Restore vision patient