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I have been looking for therapies for Retinitis Pigmentosa since 1997

I was born in Shandong, China, in 1993. My mother found me always falling in darkness because I could not see the barriers. She took me to see doctors in Peking, and at four years of age, I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. During the past twenty years, my vision field was decreasing in medium speed (compared to other RP patients). From 1997 to 2012 I received traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture – each course lasted about six weeks in the hospital. Unfortunately, there was no significant effect, and my condition even continued to worsen. I got electroacupuncture in Shanghai for two years from 2013.

Young lady C.Z. from China recognized that her vision severely deteriorated in early 2016

 “I have been looking for therapies for my disease since 1997, but only now being as patient of Center for Vision Restoration in Berlin I can live almost like a normal person.“

However, my vision field did not expand. More dramatic changes of my sight took place in early 2016 when my vision got suddenly much worse – disturbed center vision and extreme limited peripheral visual field. I could not read and write, and it was difficult to live like a normal person. I searched and looked for other possible therapies to restore my vision. My friends told me that they found Center for Vision Restoration situated in Berlin (Germany) which offers medical services for patients with retinitis pigmentosa. I was asked to send available medical records and after evaluation received confirmation that I was qualified as candidate to receive the therapy and there was possibility to get an improvement. Having no other choice and considering poor condition of my eyes, I decided to have a try. I learned about electric stimulation therapy on the Internet. According to my gene examination, there is something wrong with my retinal conduction, but this therapy can help my eyes to transfer signal to my brain. Thus principally, this treatment should be useful in my case.

VF test with Humphry

I began treatment in July 2016. In the second treatment´s week, I felt that my vision field got obviously wider than before. I could avoid knocking into most passers-by and barriers. After ten sessions I got repeated visual field examination which has shown notable changes –  as doctors told me, my central vision increased in two times and seeing areas around center enlarged even more – about three times in compare with baseline examination. I was shocked. However, my vision in darkness did not improve so much. Doctors recommended me to continue doing special excises called visual training with the program developed by the Center for Vision Restoration.

After I had returned to China, I resisted doing the special training program. Two months later, according to VF results, my vision condition was already stable. I decided to repeat the treatment in Germany again and hoped that my vision field would widen even more. In January 2017, I went back to Berlin to start my second treatment in the Center for Vision Restoration. After few days I already felt that my visual field became wider. My night vision also became better in the first week, and I noticed it was much easier for me to walk in the evenings. When the treatment finished, the VF of my right eye doubled than before this therapy, as well as my left eye.

Now I can live almost like a normal person. I manage to go everywhere even at nights. Strangers can barely detect my eyesight problems.  Before the therapy, I could not read or write any texts. Now I am not restricted in reading, writing or working with a computer, only need more rest than others.

I have been looking for therapies for my disease since 1997. I saw top ophthalmologists in China and consulted Institutes of Ophthalmology in Singapore and Japan. They always replied that there was no way to treat RP at that moment, even no way to slow progression of the disease.

According to my obtained experience and being a patient of Center for Vision Restoration, I would recommend this treatment to each Retinitis Pigmentosa patient. I hope they it will help them to not only stop deterioration but also improve their vision and enable them to lead a high-quality life.

Visual Field Charts before therapy (left eye, right eye)

Retinitis Pigmentosa tunnel visual field Center for Vision Restoration Berlin Germany Retinitis Pigmentosa tunnel visual field Center for Vision Restoration Berlin Germany Before right
Six months later after two courses of the therapy
 Retinitis Pigmentosa visual field improvement Center for Vision Restoration Berlin Germany After left  Retinitis Pigmentosa visual field improvement Center for Vision Restoration Berlin Germany After right

White and yellow colors show functional vision, green and red – preserved but low functional sight, black – no vision

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Miss C.Z. Restore vision patient